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Last week in my post, “Coaching Men, Coaching Women,” I discussed how I use the latest studies in brain chemistry and hormones that show how differently men and women are ‘wired’ to support my clients in my coaching practice.  Our chemistry and physiology not only can have an impact on how we think and perceive, but also what makes us feel good about ourselves and motivates us in our lives.

This week I want to break down what are the masculine and the feminine energies and how they are present in our lives and within ourselves so that we can best recognize and utilize them to our highest advantage.

To clarify, I am not speaking now of men and women per se.   What I am speaking of is the dynamic energetic interplay that exists in all life, and this interplay is present and flowing within ourselves at all times.   The reason I am using the terms masculine and feminine as opposed to man or woman is because not all of us can readily assume that a man may have a more masculine approach to what he wants to tackle or a woman may have a more feminized outreach to what she desires to create.  For men and women, we contain both energies present within us at all times.  We are a manifestation of the interplay between the masculine and the feminine, regardless of gender.  We do however, have a tendency to be more comfortable playing in one arena or the other, and I believe that when we can master the art of recognizing and utilizing both, extraordinary things can happen.

“In all Life, all creation and expansion into the world, there is the interplay of the masculine and the feminine.  To which are you calling now?  To receive new ideas and inspiration (feminine) or to take what is, and expand it outward (masculine)?  Both are necessary for the materialization of the new.”

The masculine and feminine energies find themselves so dynamic, so powerful and so opposite, that at times they are in great conflict and at other more synchronistic opportunities, find themselves in such beautiful harmony, miracles form.  This is what we seek to tap into, and this is what will catapult our world at large and our worlds internally into an entirely different realm.

The trick is to know what to use when and to fully immerse yourself in one energy system or the other.  One is inward seeking, expanding to find new ideas, and the other is outward implementing, structuring and manifesting our ideas into reality.

When the masculine and feminine are at play and creating together, there is a wonderful mutual admiration and respect as one aspect will withdraw and recognize that the other has a more prominent role to play.  And in turn, when it’s time to change roles, the predominantly active energy system will step back and allow the other to step up and into it’s own prominent role.

It is up to each of us to determine at what point we currently stand.  Are we choosing to really take a project idea out there?  Something that’s already been created and now needs expansion and push into the world?  Our inherent masculine energies – whether you’re a man or a woman – have the greatest talent to implement and impulse outward.

Or perhaps instead we are in a place where the powerful desire to birth something new has filled our very being, every cell of our bodies and we feel brimming with the expectancy that something new is coming.  There is the anticipation, also twinged with a little fear of what may come.  Because at this point in the outward birthing process, we have no idea how our creation will manifestation in physical form.  This is the creation point.  This is desire burning within us that has a push to create something new in our lives and in the world.

This point in the process of manifestation will require support:  those around you can guide you, helping hands that have been there before – ones that can assist you in seeing and understanding that your creation is only something you can do.  With support during this stage, anything is possible.  The fertilization of the soil. The water, the sun and the patient waiting while our seedling germinates and pushes itself up and out from the unseen to what all can see.

This is how I coach clients when feminine support for the stage they are in is what is appropriate.  The lift from under.

Equally as powerful and complimentary comes masculine power and push that can catapult what already is into a higher level of expansion on many levels.  It requires diligence, persistence and an accurate perception of circumstances: the contributing or competing elements present in the environment.  Structures are put in place, while systems and supporting elements are established.  Plans are made.  The desired outcome is something grander, larger and better than has been before.  It shines brightly.  It is the execution and expansion of the seedling into a fruit bearing, mature entity.  Whether it is a job promotion, the expansion of a small business or simply taking that feminine born idea and growing it up into a star athlete that competes on the world stage, the masculine outward push executes brilliantly.

Whatever your endeavor, where are you in its stage of development?  Are you in need of feminine support at this time? Where can your creativity explore possibilities and identify what it is that wants to be born?  Or are you already running with an adolescent capacity and now want to take your health, business, relationship or creative project to the level of expansion and awareness in the world where it can function efficiently and provide service to others?

Whether you are receiving coaching, or are a coach or healer yourself, I encourage you to examine how you can best create the results you want to achieve in yourself and with your clients.  When I examine the situation of my clients – whether they are men or women – I try to determine: from what perspectives are they coming? And at what stage are they creating?  Are they more comfortable in the masculine or the feminine role?

Many times the area where people are most challenged is in flying confidently in the realm in which they are not comfortable.  Does this man need to give himself some time and nurturing to birth something new in his life?   Or does this more feminine oriented individual, need confidence building in getting her work out in the world?  These determinations help me decide how I will lead someone through the journey they desire to take.

Whatever the stage of your development, attempting to tackle the next step is always entirely possible.  Recognize that you might be challenged in moving into a realm that is not where you’re most comfortable.  Having another skilled hand at your side while you navigate the these territories not only clarifies the greatest capacities possible, but it does so usually just in the nick of time, just as you’re seeking it, cutting your effort in half.

Another set of eyes can see your vision often clearer in its potential than you do.

Next week I’ll be discussing how we can narrow down the use of the masculine and feminine in our daily lives, following the impulses moment by moment and watching the miracles unfold.

Until then,

Blessings Be.