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In my last post I talked about the differences between the masculine and feminine energies and how, when we become aware of them, we can start to use them more effectively to create our lives and achieve the results we want much more quickly.

The Anti-Gadget

The Anti-Gadget by txkimmers

Once we understand the distinctions between the two and when to use each, we get to play in this wonderful dynamic that can really make the progression of our lives full of joy and ease.

Now I’d like break down how this very same creative force, which exists in the overall arc of the stages of our lives, also functions in all the tiniest of moments that make up our day.  By paying attention to our activities and shifts in focus, utilizing the masculine or the feminine when it’s called for, we can:

  1. Be more effective and progress more quickly every single day.
  2. Stay in a progressive flow that can be really enjoyable and satisfying.
  3. Feel a great sense of peace and accomplishment at the end of the day.

It’s fun to be in beautiful creativity all day long!

How often have you found yourself exhausted and burned out at the end of the day and thinking, “I really didn’t get anything done”?  You spent an entire day busy with a number of activities, yet your to-do list is still there.  The one major thing you wanted to accomplish, which has been on your list for a week now (or maybe a month), still isn’t done.  It seems that the whole day was used for things that really didn’t matter.  What can we do about this?

Every day, all day, we make a million little decisions about what to do from moment to moment, such as:  Is it time to eat?  Shall I check email?  What about my website? The next blog post? Making that doctor’s appointment?  These moments in which we decide what we’re going to do next have an impact on the results of what we are seeking to accomplish, acquire, or become in our lives.

Along with all these little decisions, it might be a good idea to know what we want to focus on accomplishing that day and then contact and implement either the masculine or feminine to start engaging its energy in the interplay of creation.  To reiterate what I wrote in my last blog post about the differences between the masculine and the feminine:

The trick is to know what to use when and to fully immerse yourself in one energy system or the other.   One is inward seeking, expanding to find new ideas, and the other is outward implementing, structuring, and manifesting our ideas into reality.

So what is it that you want to get done today?  Do you already have something in mind?  Are you in a work situation where your tasks are set out for you, but  you already know the one big step you can take that will bring greater progress into your situation?

Instead of pausing to consider which type of energy would help us best accomplish each item on our to-do list, we all too often neglect the feminine aspect in the process of our daily lives.  We continue on track with activity after activity, employing the masculine aspect, without guidance on which one will bring us forward in our activities more effectively.

You may be thinking, “Well, I can’t be living in La-La Land all day!” and you’re right.  You won’t be.  Checking in with your intuition about what to do next does not mean that you are staying in that open feminine space and floating in the infinite possibilities that reside there.  Consider that even a painter must organize her brushes and paints and get the canvas prepared.  Checking in just means quickly asking, “What is next for me now?” and touching base with your heart and mind on what your inner directives are.

Then it’s time for action!  This is the masculine that helps us make sure we get on task, stay there, and do it well in a focused way until it is complete.  Without the masculine, nothing will get done.

All too often we interrupt ourselves in the middle of a task and float to another, then another.  This is the feminine intrusion when it doesn’t belong!  Midstream is not the place to stop and either question whether you should change activities or float out ideas regarding what’s next.  Only after you have finished what you initially set out to do will you entertain additional possibilities.

This is what will enable you to end your day with a dynamic sense of flowing accomplishment:  An idea comes; you act on it, stay focused until its completion, switch gears, and listen in for what’s next.

Sometimes you’ll need a break.  Sometimes you’ll need to eat.   Sometimes you’ll simply need a moment out in nature to breathe in some fresh air or raw weather.  Whatever your inner guidance is telling you in these moments is correct and, as you get accustomed to listening to it and acting on it with trust, you will begin to see clear results, a higher sense of self esteem, and a whole host of accomplishments that normally would have taken you three times as long, or longer!

So what are you doing now?

Is it time for a new activity?

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