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Just prior to sitting down to write this post today, I was trying to gather my thoughts.  Usually an idea simply comes to me, and the words just spill out in an easy flow. But this time it wasn’t happening.  I found myself pacing all over the house and the pieces of sentences weren’t  congealing into coherent whole that made any sense.

Yin Yang Sky Earth by DonkeyHotey

So I decided to simply practice exactly what I was trying to convey: faced with any endeavor, connect with Source and pull in all the inspiration and information you need to create what you’re seeking to achieve.  More specifically we can choose to connect with the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine.

You see, although we have learned – through my last blog post – how we can use the masculine and the feminine in our daily lives to stay focused and on track with what we seek to accomplish, we can also engage the higher, more omnipresent Masculine and Feminine that is an extension of Source and present in all things, all energies, everywhere, all at once.

I sat down in my meditation space and set the intention to connect with the Feminine. I chose It specifically because I know that’s where the infinity of creativity exists.  She is expansive; She is possibilities; She is nurturing and supporting of all that is new and being created for the first time.

Within minutes, the words then sentences came and the rest flowed out in complete detail to form the coherent article I had been ‘trying’ to write.

You see, we can all think of superior athletes, gifted musicians, scientists of genius, or authors that thrill and delight us.  The ones who have achieved greatness in any profession are those who have discovered the practice of letting go of their own ideas, if only for a moment, to open their minds to receiving inspiration and clarity.

It is in these moments that divine inspiration can come through and exceed what we would have come up with on our own.  This is how Mozart wrote as many symphonies and operas as he did at such a young age.  It’s also how Galileo came to the understanding that the world revolved around the sun and not the other way around.  And how Martha Graham’s work revolutionized the way dance is expressed.  Through choosing to set ourselves aside and engage in the infinity of The All That Is to come down and right into what we are focused on, our potential for genius is activated.

This Source of inspiration is infinite in Its intelligence, creativity, and potential, and It is within you.  It can fulfill your callings no matter what they may be, and you can easily discover Its presence by paying attention to what brings you a feeling of clarity, lightness and joy.

Whether you’re a world-class chef, mommy-to-be, or superstar lover in bed, the next time you have a task at hand and you really aren’t sure how exactly it’s going to get accomplished, consider asking yourself, “Am I open to creating something exceptional, here and now?”

The choice is always yours.  The opportunity is always and in All Ways present.  We have not been left here entirely to our own devices to flounder, but we are instead here to consciously connect with Source and express It to create that which is much greater than ourselves.

It’s all you, and it’s All You, too.

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