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Photo Credit: Leila Knapp

Photo Credit: Leila Knapp

And what a summer we’ve been having…  Are you enjoying yours?

Here in Tennessee where I live now, we’ve been enjoying both hot sunny days and also the tempestuous storms with thunder and lightening that sprinkle our weeks with the winds of change.

Are you taking the time to enjoy the fabulous fruits and vegetables that are so abundant this time of year?  What a great way to rejuvenate and freshen your body!

Are you taking the time to contemplate where your life is now, and where you’d like to be?  With so many changes coming to the earth and into our lives this year,  we are feeling the pressure to let go of what no longer serves us, and it is time to ‘step into our destiny’ to rise up into that which we were always meant to be.

Are you doing the work you love?

In taking small actions, consistently when in the flow, your whole world can flower and change.  Observe when you are resisting what you love.  Learn that you can do, be and have.  Take one small step – even if it is within one weeks time – toward that which it is that you love to do.

– Suzanne as received from Spirit

Every few weeks I’ll be sending out communications from both myself and Spirit to distribute to you all.  As you are receiving most graciously in this time, think about what it is that you’d like to receive more of…  is it Love?  More abundance?  Whether that means more money, more time off or better time spent with your loved ones?  Or perhaps you’d like to get into a better flow of your life, where you know All Things support and lift you into a higher experience.

There is no greater time than n

ow in 2012 when all Life is elevated, barriers broken and all that you dream may come alive in your existence Now.

I’ve provided a number of inspiring tools you can use on my website: inspiring audio, access to upcoming courses, life coaching programs, essential oils, gemstones and more.   In this way you can get more familiar with Spirit Source Connect and how it and I can support you to connect more fully to Spirit begin fulfilling your life’s destiny.

Curious about Coaching?  I’ve written an article and recorded it as an audio file you can listen to that explains everything: the ups the downs, the what it is and what it is not to clarify what coaching is.   Listen to “What is Life Coaching and How Does it Work” audio here.
The world is waiting for you.  Are you ready to step into your true purpose?

Stay in touch ~

With Love and Blessings to you All,