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Wow…  did you watch any of the Olympics?  I couldn’t see it all.  Who could?  I did catch so many astounding moments that put me in tears…  either the winning by a hair, or the stumbling on the track, my heart was so pulled by these athletes who have dedicated much of their lives to excellence.   Everywhere, especially the women this year, all over the fields, the pools, the playing courts, were astounding all of us with their unprecedented performances.

One quote that still sticks with me was from Gabrielle Douglas – the 16 year old and first African American to win the Individual All Around Gold and also contributed to the Team Gold.  When asked how she handles all the pressure to deliver an excellent performance, she said,  “All I have to do is trust myself”.

Gabrielle Douglas on the balance beam

Gabrielle Douglas on the balance beam

Gabrielle Douglas on the uneven bars

Gabrielle Douglas on the uneven bars

Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas

Where are you excellent? Have you been ‘in training’ for years in your own life that you feel you can now share with others?  Where can you take the plunge and trust yourself more?

If you feel inspired to do better, but don’t know where to go or what to do, I’d love to guide you through the shift.  Often we are holding self-doubt leftover from times past that we don’t need to hold on to anymore! We are all meant for excellence, whether we are athletes or not.

Where’s your excellence?

The ways in which you begin to trust yourself more, are intentionally the ways in which you say “yes” to the Spirit that resides and forever wants to propel itself forward through you.

– Suzanne as received from Spirit

Curious about Coaching?  I’ve written an article and recorded it as an audio file you can listen to that explains everything: the ups the downs, the what it is and what it is not to clarify what coaching.   Listen to “What is Life Coaching and How Does it Work” audio here.

My schedule is there, and you book what works for you.  A questionnaire is provided for you to fill out so we can maximize our session together.

Keep in touch, and let me know how it’s going.  I really would love to hear from you!

With Blessings to All,