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Wow!  3 full V.I.P. Days in 10 days….   I’ve been working with private clients in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Alaska, and Canada.  All of us are feeling it.  Are you?

There is an incredible push to rise up into Who We Really Are and the pressure is getting more and more intense.  If you have been on a spiritual path for sometime already, the shift upward may be feeling a little easier, but only because you know how to read the signs, and follow their indications.

But what if you don’t know?  Or what if you’re confused?


Do you have someone to work with? Someone who can help you sort out the yeas from the nays in your life?

The entire model that says we must do things alone, that we should know what we’re doing and that we don’t need any help is an entirely masculine model that is giving way now to a more feminine approach of mutual aid and reciprocity.  If you’re not getting any support, things are just much harder and are taking way longer than they need to.
I invite you to turn on some new lights in your life.  Book your complimentary Discovery Session to Shift Upward and lets see the great work we can do together.

We are all learning and growing, all at the same time, all the time.  There is no stop to growth.  Simply recognizing what growth is occurring speeds up the process and brings you greater freedom, at a greater pace, allowing you to experience more love, and teach others to experience more love as well.   All is Good, All is Well and Growth Oriented.

–  Spirit through Suzanne 1/13/08

Have a Blessed week,