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I am talking to so many people these days that are making a complete shift in their lives.  Some by choice, some, not so much.

Is the Universe – or your own piece of it, your Spirit –  calling you to shift and change?  We are all feeling it these days…  I mean, we are the children born and living through the change.  We can expect half as much if you are standing on the Earth in 2012!

My friend Joy Linsley has been a part of my Young Living Essential Oils organization and a friend since 1997 when I lived in San Diego. 

She is 76 years young (looks 56) lively, spunky, has been on a dedicated spiritual path her whole life.  You can tell those people…  they make un-ordinary choices for their lives that often turn out to deliver extraordinary results.  They inspire others with their courage to branch out, rarely have self-imposed limits and find themselves bushwhacking through new territories for us all.

Joy Linsley

My friend, Joy

Joy was recently diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma – cancer – and her medical doctors’ prognoses were not good.  The only protocols suggested were various forms of chemotherapy.  This didn’t really fit for Joy as she’s been studying and using alternative medicine for her health for many decades!  She graciously declined their protocols and stated she would be going her own way.

You know what?  I’m not worried about Joy at all.  Will she need to make changes in her life?  Certainly.  Is she still on her path?  Without a doubt.  But in the classic Way of a Spiritual Warrior she is not listening to what the “prescribed notions” are, and she is going to explore the maze of terrain in alternative medicine field for what the right solutions are for her.  Is she going to do it?  Surpass this limitation?  Absolutely.  Because Joy has the practice of listening to her inner voice and following it.  That’s her guiding force.

And you’d better believe there will be lots of other, outside voices condemning her decision.  But the power to decide what is right for our lives lies only within ourselves.  No one else!

When I recently spoke to Joy I wanted to share what Spirit clearly communicated to me about her journey.  I hadn’t been able to connect with her over the phone since she had made her announcement to us all via email.  So I decided to check in with Spirit to see what the purpose of this diagnosis was for her and the answer was quite clear.

You see, I’ve embraced this gift I have to understand what someone’s life path is and it is my role in life to share that with others.  It is always quite clear when I am working with my coaching clients.  But I must carefully tread the balance of expressing that vision and respect every person’s decision they make about their own life path.

Joy’s decades of spiritual growth, personal health responsibility and all the knowledge she’s gained over the years have been preparing her for this time and this purpose:  when she would excavate what it is within herself that caused the cancer to occur and then lead her own path to healing the body, mind and spirit.

The gift this illness is bringing her is the opportunity to self-heal while sharing her story with others to inspire them to do the same.  It is her life purpose to share with others what this journey of discovery and healing entails, and that each one of us can take it into our own hands.

When I expressed to Joy that her journey was meant to be shared and that blogging was an absolutely amazing way to do that, she applauded the idea!  She recanted so many synchronistic events that had come up in the last several days all leading her to this same conclusion – right down to the memory of a high school teacher who told her her writing would be shared one day.

No doubt, there will be trials and errors.  But in the end when Joy prevails, so many followers will be inspired to have the courage to pursue their own paths, taking their own health and well-being into their own hands.

I tell you this story so as to ask you: What is your life path in these times?

What are you being called forward to be, do, have or give?

What are you doing?

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Many Blessings,