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Have you ever put some time in your schedule just to be creative?  But for no other reason than to tune out the world and tune into that part of you that springs with new ideas, new visions, new sounds, new creativity…

Think of the last time you spent at least a few hours lost in creativity….   how long ago was it?  If it’s been more than a month, well, that’s just too long.

You body and your brain need this as much as your spirit and the quality of your life.  Taking time out to tune into the creative part of you is not just down time, it is actually the most powerful time you can give to yourself.

This is when you are relaxed, your left brain has gone on hiatus and the right brain now becomes active.  You don’t have answers to everything.  You stay in the now and you ask a series of questions that lead you down a path of creating something beautiful.  Weather it be for you, for someone else or for the world at large, it really doesn’t matter.  What really does matter is that you are opening yourself up to the creative juices of the entire Universe, and just you by yourself there gain access to some of the most powerful forces there are.

I recently watched an interview with Joni Mitchell.  Although it’s not recent, the information she shared is timeless.  She had become so disillusioned with the music business at a certain point in her career that she decided to quit and just paint instead.  There was no goal to the paintings, she just “painted for myself” she said, without any particular ambition.  10 years went by.  A war had been started in Iraq and she expressed her thoughts and feelings to that in her paintings.  She wrote songs as well – none of them with words.

Simultaneously and unbeknownst to her, a Canadian ballet company was putting together a project that would feature her music and art, and the history of her life.   They approached her about the project, but after seeing what they had planned, she showed them her paintings and played her new songs.  She challenged them to make it what she called, “a war ballet”.  The ballet company took the risk.  Her paintings, new songs and an entire new album called Shine was created.   The end result was an astonishing statement about war and a successful production that inspired thousands.

My point here is that we don’t have to know where our creativity will lead us.  It’s simply important to get started, get going, continue what you already have, and more importantly, get it on your schedule.  We don’t know where it will go and it doesn’t have to go anywhere.  We are opening ourselves up to the creative Source of All-That-Is and when these energies are flowing through us only good can come into our lives.

Be an influence over your own world.


You are here to create the good, the beautiful and the holy.
Do not forget this.

–  A Course in Miracles


"Inspiration" Essential Oil Blend

“Inspiration” Essential Oil Blend

Inspiration Essential Oil blend is a tool I frequently use when writing or creating new artwork.  I love it!  It’s beautiful scent seems to permeate the exact part of my brain that relaxes and opens up creativity.  According to Young Living’s description: “This blend is formulated to help find a calm space in our minds and bring us closer to that creative center where our higher intuition operates.  These oils were traditionally used by the Native Americans to enhance spirituality, prayer and inner awareness.”  Contains Frankincense, Cedarwood, Spruce, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Myrtle and Mugwort.   Click here to explore several tools that support your mind.

Have a Blessed Week,