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Photo: Kurt Wilberding "Double Rainbow over Manhattan after Storm Sandy"

Photo: Kurt Wilberding “Double Rainbow over Manhattan after Storm Sandy”

WOW….   The whole storm had us on edge last night…  saying prayers, looking for images on-line, contacting our friends and family up and down the East Coast.  Did you feel it?  I sure did… this sense of something bigger than we, and a pulling together for all of us to brace ourselves and get through it with as much grace as possible.

We try to heed the warnings in our lives, as best as we can.  But even the scientists who looked at this storm said their tracking systems had no way to trace how 3 different air streams would react together.  They’d never seen a convergence of energies like this before.  Add to that a Full Moon, causing the tides to rise even higher.  It reminds us – all too clearly – that something else is in charge here.

In the same way the Earth is going through massive shifts and changes right now, so are we.  It is a time in which humanity is going through so many changes, and that includes our in our very own lives as well.  We are weathering our storms: the earthquakes and hurricanes that catapult us into – and out of – the various territories of our lives.

Knowing how to navigate the signals and transitions is not easy and calls forward our own internal navigation system.  Spirit is always there with you, but do we know how to listen, and can we hear?

Whatever methods you choose to stay internally connected to Source, is how you will gain access to inner knowing that will guide you through any tumultuous times in your life.

We always know that a storm will eventually be over.  Then when we walk out the front door the next morning, looking out over the landscape and assess:  where do we stand?
What does our new world look like now, and more importantly, how has this changed us?

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Best Wishes and Love! 

RL Richards
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Page Harris,
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Heidi B.
Energy Healer and Reiki Master
Knoxville, TN

To all those who are experiencing difficulties from Storm Sandy right now, our hearts and prayers go out to you.  If you wish to support the recovery effort, you can do so at The American Red Cross.

Have a Blessed week,