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As the cosmos continues to shift and pull our tiny little planet closer to the center of our galaxy, (the shift is at its apex on December 21, 2012) we ourselves are being asked to let go of lower vibrational energies that still reside within us – and without us on the world stage.

Do you feel the energies of conflict seemingly rising up?

This is a call to release all that is not in harmony with harmony on the Earth.

We are being asked to let go of what is not vibrationally coherent to peace.

Here is a quote from our most recent Global Energetic Download, held on November 11, 2012  (11-11-12)

Peace now. The instrument of peace is one of the greatest and holiest of swords that you could hold in front of you.  With every interaction, with every human being or animal or other life form, you may hold before you your own sword of peace.  This tells those around you that you are a soldier of peace, that you seek to quiet the energies around you: to deliver calm; to radiate that all is equal among us all; that within this calm, comes rationality, clarity, the ability to receive new ideas to solve problems that have been facing humanity for oh, so much time.

The way we shift the world global stage is to begin at the beginning, within ourselves.  Although you may have already been on a healing and transformational journey for years, we are now being catapulted into higher and higher vibrational frequencies within our bodies and our very cells.  We have increased capacity to receive and hold more Light, and as we do, all that is not Light rises up and asks to be released.

This is not easy, no matter how experienced you are.  If you would like support privately for your energy, you can see what I offer HERE.

If you wish to be of service on a Global, energetic scale, I have put together the Global Energetic Downloads, meditation evenings from now until the end of 2012.


All evening are complimentary until the end of 2012.


“It was wonderful. The energy I was drawn into was a huge sun with a  bouncy center that I found myself in the midst of, gently bouncing and smiling. It felt extremely protective and energizing at the same time. Such an unusual texture very supportive, fun and secure. The color was that of a yellow sun with rays going out from all angles. Also, there were rays of light and energy going from my heart and connecting to all in the class.   At one point I felt pain in my heart and then a gentle calming returned. There was a sound like ringing, but I thought it was coming from outside until you asked us to hear the sounds.”
– P.H

“Suzanne, for me it was so overwhelming for me I… I don’t know but I can’t wait for the recording so I can pick out bits and pieces but there was so much information in all of it that I’m a little bit overwhelmed… but it was very good!  It was wonderful and I look forward to hearing it again so I can grasp it better.”
– R.R.

“I had a great experience. Usually my hands get warm but my arms! My arms stayed hot, like really, really hot the whole time!  They still are.”
– B.F.

“I’m overwhelmed but I’m here!  It was interesting because this is the first time ever that I’ve actually felt myself step in, and then at the same be enveloped by that Light.  It was really cool.”
– C.G.



“Harmony” Essential Oil Blend

The essential oil blend, “Harmony” is my choice as a solution if conflict seems to be arising in a number of areas of your life at once.  It’s time to shut down, go within and discover what internal conflict you might be having with yourself.  “Harmony” Essential Oil blend can help you heal and resolve this conflict.

According to the Young Living Essential Oils Desk Reference:
“This blend promotes physical and emotional well-being by creating a harmonic balance for the energy centers of the body.  It brings us into harmony with all things, people, and cycles of life.  It is beneficial in reducing stress, amplifying well-being, and dissipating feelings of discord.  It is also uplifting and elevating to the mind, creating a positive attitude.”

Contains: Geranium, Rosewood, Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Orange, Lemon, Angelica, Hyssop, Sage, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa and Rose.

You can purchase “Harmony” oil blend and browse some of my favorite selected thereapetic-grade essential oils HERE.

So many people continue to suffer under the affects of SuperStorm Sandy.  If you wish to support the recovery effort, you can do so at The American Red Cross.

Have a Blessed week,