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(c) 2012 Suzanne Goulet "O Holy Light"

(c) 2012 Suzanne Goulet “O Holy Light”

Begin anew.

New Tools.

New Experience.

New Love Throughout.

You no longer have to wait
for your own time to come, my dears.

For your times are now.

Each and every one of you possesses your own unique gifts.

Your gifts need not be anything
That you devote to others,
For your gifts within yourself
Are there for you to enjoy.

So unwrap the bows now.
See what is inside the wrapping and the box.
These are your gifts to enjoy.

– Quoted from the Live Global Energetic Download on 12-12-12

The Divine Feminine was upon us during our  Live Global Energetic Download, held on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

This 30 minute Energetic Download has caused so many women to contemplate their gifts, and how they may play in them more.

I’ve made this, and several other of the .mp3 files, all polished and ready to go for you, available for complimentary download until the end of the year.

*Meditations1000x171Our last and final call for this season is tonight at 7 pm EST.

Many Blessings,